Welcome to That Dance Talk.

My name is Emily Snow.

That Dance Talk is designed to open up and share conversations around access and guidance to form a career in Dance. I am excited to see where this blog can go. I invite you to explore the site, check out the first few posts, and let me know your interests and content you would like to hear in the future.

That Dance Talk is a concept born out of a passion for dance advocacy, talking about how to get work and be sustainable in the industry and the different options that take us there.  I am interested in the conversations that happen between people about 'how to' access Dance. I am passionate about what crucial conversations might be missed if you are unable to be in 'the room'. The dance industry is something of mystery, it alludes to its fascination and excitement. But if you are just starting out, it may seem impossible to know where to go if you aren't in connection with the 'right people'. A core element of That Dance Talk is to host conversations with people who are involved within a multitude of areas in Dance. What did they do to get to where they are? What have they learnt? What questions do we still have and what can we share? Perhaps you are interested in taking your first steps in teaching and facilitating, or finding a curiosity in producing and programming dance. There is definitely useful information out there about Dance career guidance however there is so much more to know. That Dance Talk is committed to demystify accessing careers in Dance, conversations that are available 24/7, wherever you are. 

I would like to thank Yorkshire Dance for an Artist Support Session in taking the first steps in That Dance Talk and Arts Council England for supporting this first stage of development. I was extremely fortunate to recieve Arts Council England National Lottery Emergency Response Funding to be able to explore the first possibilities of what That Dance Talk can look like in a time of crisis.